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Bean and Artichoke Sandwich

LunchJenny Pan2 Comments
Bean and Artichoke Sandwich

I'm having a thing for sandwiches at the moment. I love that this sandwich is filling and full of flavor. It features kale fresh picked from my backyard. Grilling artichoke adds a depth of flavor to the mix. Adding a bit of lemon zest brings an element of fresh zing to the mix. This bean mixture pairs extremely well with sourdough bread, the tangy-ness is quite refreshing and is particularly appetizing on a hot day. 

This sandwich was the best thing that has happened to my life. I love how simple it is to make this. As of recent, I've been on a bean kick. I've been cooking a lot of my beans from scratch and the results have been delicious. With a large quantity of beans at my disposal, I am able to experiment with the different things to eat. 


Look at this kale! It's just asking to be featured in something delicious. The inspiration behind this sandwich. The best part is, I can pick it right before I want to use it to achieve maximum freshness.

Bean and Artichoke Sandwich

Serves 10

  • 2 cups of raw beans cooked
  • Zest of 1 lemon
  • 1 pack of frozen artichoke, fresh or canned would work too
  • Salt and pepper
  • Baby kale, although any greens would work

Grill artichoke

Mash the beans with an emulsion blender and you can begin to season with salt and pepper while you mash

Once the artichoke is cooled, chop it up into small pieces

Use a spoon to hand mix in the artichoke and lemon zest

Season to taste

Spread onto sandwich bread and add some greens to it